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What to expect during an osteopathic treatment

After we have reached a working diagnosis we can start the bodywork routine.  You will be asked to undress to your underwear, so wear something you feel comfortable in.  You will be asked to move gently so that the posture can be  'tested'  whilst you are active so that a more accurate diagnosis can be reached.  You are always welcome to bring a chaperone,  but it is not necessary to do so.

It is impossible to make any meaningful diagnosis without ' seeing how it moves'.  Whilst the 'paperwork' aspect of the session formulates ideas about the context of the problem,  ruling out any red flag referral possibilities,  the real diagnosis takes place during the routine of treatment.

What to expect during the bodywork

During the bodywork part of the session your legs and arms will be gently picked up and moved around to encourage the joints and soft tissues to relax.  Some of the methods involve a  gentle rocking motion with varying degrees of pressure to encourage the spine and body to relax. Once the body has relaxed it is now possible to articulate the spine and joints,  making osteopathic adjustments.  This may produce an audible popping noise but it is not always so.   A full explanation of all the procedures used during the session will be explained, using diagrams and models, where possible, so that your rights to informed consent can be respected as fully as possible.