Howard Beardmore DO Osteopath

Three Mile Cross Aborfield Reading Berkshire RG7 1HD        

0118 9885293

Howard is nothing short of a miracle worker!

He was the only person who was able to help me after I was signed off from work for three months with an unbelievably painful back.  I was in such pain I was unable to walk and function properly and my quality of life was at an all time low.  Incredibly, I felt better after the first session with Howard and after several more treatments I was able to return to work.  LM

Often I find that huge stress can cause a back to 'collapse'. This usually happens in sincere hard working people who don't stop for themselves often,  helping them to 'renegotiate' their relationships with life is part of a sustainable recovery plan.  It is not just about straightening people out and discharging them!  Howard

I had suffered from Asthma and eczema from 6 months old. By the time I had reached my early twenties I was on a long list of medications including an immune suppressant and in a very poor state of health.  Luckily I met Howard and with his guidance and treatment I was able to come off all my meds and slowly allow my body to recover from many years of intervention. It's been a long journey and I have adopted many natural hygiene approaches along the way but I am now a much healthier and more knowledgeable.  CS

The patient practitioner relationship is a team, I have to play my part and so do they.  This amazing recovery was only possible because the patient completely took the control of her life back and wholeheartedly embraced her central role in that recovery.  Not everyone could do a raw juice diet for 9 months and it was a privilege to be part of that recovery.  I do not advise anyone about medication, that is the role of the GP.  In this case as the patient made her recovery through lifestyle and dietary changes her doctor was happy to reduce medication. Howard

I first visited Howard's clinic 12 years ago, shortly after the birth of my daughter when I had severe back pain.  Prior to visiting Howard I had tried other approaches but no one was able to identify the problem,  let alone fix it.  However,   couple of visits to Howard and I was well on my way back to being normal.  Since then I have visited Howard several times a year for maintenance,  which keeps my health tip top.

I have recommended many family and friends to Howard, for all kinds of health problems.           I don't go anywhere else now, I just visit Howard!  MW

Maintenance is an interesting idea.  The human is the only animal that cannot relax in our erect posture.   So in a sense we are continually fighting gravity - using more muscles to stand and sit than maybe the optimal minimum.   I was at the Maidstone College of Osteopathy for 4 years when Mr Wernham was the principle and he had a great saying "gravity is the inextricable factor, it kills us all in the end!"

It  is possible to float in water,  but only if you relax every muscles you can.   As soon as you tense you sink,   go to a swimming pool and try that out.  Most people don't realise how tense they are until they are shown how to relax - that is one 'side effect' of a good general osteopathic treatment routine.

The real purpose of osteopathic treatment is to prevent us getting into trouble  -  helping to  maintaining a good relationship with gravity is part of that. You don't have to wait until the body is screaming in pain to come for a treatment - it is part of staying well.  So is an audit of what you are eating, whether you are resting enough or dealing with life in general.