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Sports injuries

I have considerable experience treating all sorts of sports injuries from the playground to regional and international sports persons.  The approach I always use is a general one,  that is,  I look at the whole posture.  I have seen many players who are facing 'write off' for injuries that have not respond to local treatment alone.  If you have been given an exercise routine that is hurting you and making no difference then it's the wrong solution!

It is important to take on board that during the time of 'treatment',  you do not keep training because there is nothing to gain by driving a car with one wheel.  In fact many sports players I have seen have gone back to training and done their best time ever by effectively doing no training.  In recovery a body needs all of it's vitality for repair and rest is a major part of the success I have had.  A 'twisted' posture will not improve by forced training - it's into the pits for a rebuild.

If you are wondering whether your sports issue can be helped, why not call me and discuss the options.