Treating during pregnancy

I am a father of three and was present at the home births of all of my children.  Over the last 19 years of osteopathic practice,

I have gained considerable experience in treating women in all stages of pregnancy.

The upright posture can be a challenge during pregnancy due to the combined effects of ligamentus laxiety and gravity as the baby grows. This can lead to all sorts of postural compensations and discomforts such as  Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, as the increasing stresses acting downwards, strain the pelvic girdle.

As pregnancy develops, sudden shifts in the centre of gravity can also bring many different postural compensations, which can respond well to a considered approach.  In very late pregnancy, when walking can become awkward, a home visit is possible and if local this does not incur additional charges.

Treating children and babies

(I am fully CRB checked to enhanced status due to my work, over 16 years, with vulnerable adults and children)

I have considerable experience treating children,  having worked with autistic children and adults with learning difficulties in the community for most of my career.  I have noticed a strong correlation between children who are having difficulties and poor bowel function. There is little published work to support this observation, but common sense and 19 years of clinical experience has shown me that helping parents and children to 'audit'  the diet is always of use.  Coming up with innovative ways to help children who refuse to eat a balanced diet,  like borrowing a vegetable juicer and making ice lollies;  is as much about helping the child as empowering parents to be parents.

I use a general osteopathic treatment routine with children, similar to the framework for treating adults. This is useful,  because if I also treat the parents and the child has watched they are already familiar with the order of events.  Also, if I have already treated the parents everyone knows the framework.  This helps everyone to relax.  Sometimes we 'treat' teddy first!

Treating babies

No baby is too 'young' to treat so if you would like to discuss whether your baby's problem can be helped, please call the number below.

Howard Beardmore DO Osteopath

Three Mile Cross Aborfield Reading Berkshire RG7 1HD        

0118 9885293