Howard Beardmore DO Osteopath

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How long is an osteopathic session?

Booking an appointment

The first part an osteopathic session takes place with that first phone call which is free. No one wants to waste time and finding out if I can help you is part of that process.  Sometimes we may talk for a couple of minutes and sometimes with a complex case, where a child with issues is involved;  we may talk a few times over a few days.

It is always important to get the measure of the case and to build a teamwork approach to solving your problem. Patients who become involved in their health recovery tend to get a much more sustainable recovery - more importantly they don't tend to keep appearing with the same problems.

The bodywork

The first session usually takes about an hour and this allows time to take a full case history and to start the treatment using bodywork.  I always approach my cases within the framework of the General osteopathic treatment routine.

Follow up sessions,  if necessary,  usually last about half an hour,

How long will I take to get better?

This depends on what your problem is.  Some cases I see for one or two sessions,  more long standing cases can take 4 to 6 weeks of a programmed approach to unravel enough compensations to reach a stable state of affairs.  I can give an idea of a timescale if you call me to discuss your case.  Then you can have a think about what we have discussed and make a more informed choice about whether or not you think I can help.