Analysing your walking and standing gait is a really useful way to objectively assess your posture.  Here is an example of a patient who kept getting various sports injuries,  but found they would not recover.  I am interested in the symmetry of your posture, when we play sport the stresses and strains are magnified.  Often I have found a strong correlation between chronic injuries that will not heal and poor symmetry in the standing and moving gait.  We can do scans of your standing weight distribution, which is a useful way to objectively demonstrate how poor general mechanics can be underlying your problem. 

Here is an example of a balance change at the end of a first treatment session using the general osteopathic treatment routine. The scan on the left was the first one,  look how chaotic the pressure and balance is between the left and right foot and how different the step duration is between the right and left foot.  Looking now at the right scan,  see how the step duration has become more even and the pressure readings have also become more similar.

Although there is more work to be done, at least the patient is now walking more evenly on both feet If you have a chronic sports injury diagnosis this is a great way to see progress.

I have been able to help a wide range of poor postural strain patterns. This diagnostic platform  is included in any assessment as part of the overall care package,  not as an extra.  If you are interested in an assessment of your chronic sports injury then call the number below to make an appointment.

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