Howard Beardmore DO Osteopath

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Originally I trained to be an architect.  Through that pathway,  the importance of being able to multi-task and understand symbiotic relationships -  how things fit together  -   fascinated me.

To make a sound osteopathic diagnosis one has to be able to see the relationships between the different body systems and understand them.   The human body is a 'reflex' living being,  so a problem or symptom may actually be caused by a disturbance elsewhere.   On your car, tyres wearing on the 'inside'   is a sign that the wheel alignment is 'out'.

Patient A  came to see me with a 'bad back', the case history  revealed that the patient had chronic constipation.  During the treatment programme for the bad back I would expect the constipation to resolve too.  There is no published evidence to support this anecdote, but when one sees it repeated in clinic time and time again, one wonders why.  An alternative approach is just that, it does not borrow the idea of 'body going wrong' an d try to 'fix' or 'treat' it.  An osteopathic approach is about identifying obstructions to health and addressing them, any 'healing' taking place is entirely at the direction of the natural processes of the living body.

Helping the whole family

I have seen many children with 'behavioral problems' who also have issues with eating and developing like their peers.  Helping this group is particularly rewarding,  because the issues here, can and does  affect the whole family.

Over the 18 years that I have been in practice and taught this work at degree and post graduate level,  lecturing both in the UK and abroad; I have built my practice upon personal recommendations for solving both  chronic and acute patient case loads. The ages range from 'beforebirth' to those in their late 90's, many of the cases I see have been 'given up on' by others.  There is rarely such a something as a simple back problem to solve, but with some applied logic and teamwork a lot is possible.